Milí pacienti, od 29.1.2024 do 26.4.2024 nebudeme ordinovať. V prípade potreby nás môžete telefonicky alebo mailom kontaktovať a my sa Vám budeme snažiť v čo najkratšej dobe odpovedať. Zastupovať nás bude ambulancia Dentologic na Račianskej 26F 81105 Bratislava (0911 758 989, 0911 189 899). S pozdravom tím zubnej ambulancie Dr. Gavorníkovej.

Dental clinic Dr. Gavorníková

We are a modern dental clinic of the 21st century, which offers comprehensive dental
Precision, accuracy, a special approach, modern technologies and painlessness are
the basic pillars in our clinic.
The vast majority of procedures are performed with a dental microscope.
Forget that you will need exchange tickets for X-rays, our dental clinic has its own 3D
X-rays, including intraoral X-rays.
Friendly approach and good mood are the order of our day.
Come visit us and see for yourself, with the eyes and teeth of your own.

  • Quality treatment
  • Little to no wait time
  • Professional staff
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Comfort during treatment
  • 3D X-ray
  • Emphasis on aesthetics
  • Treatment with magnification