MDDr. Petra Gavorníková

MDDr. Petra Gavorníková
I graduated from the Medical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava. During school, I attended various lectures and foreign congresses, which aroused great interest in dentistry.
I completed an internship in the Austrian city of Innsbruck, where I worked most of the time in the dental emergency.
After finishing school, I worked in a private dental clinic in Bratislava. I was very lucky because I got to see the Doctor, who kept caring for me. The beginnings were difficult, but it was worth it. I learned precision, independence and professionalism and wanted to constantly improve.
Over time, I began to devote myself fully to microscopic dentistry, which in my work represented a huge step forward. In microscopic dentistry, all dental procedures are performed at multiple magnifications, which allow targeted detailed treatment. Working with a dental microscope absolutely changed my whole perception of dentistry and the word precision thus took on a different dimension.
Because I really enjoy and fill my work, I decided to open my own clinic. Such a clinic, in which I had eliminated all the barriers that could limit me at my work. Now I can really indulge in working with the best and most proven materials and equipment I need.
I dare say that my patients often become my friends, because mutual trust is the most important to me.
In my opinion, a good atmosphere is essential in every workplace. Music in particular helps me to do this, but I am not a demanding listener, I listen to almost every kind of music. Together we always agree to make it easier for everyone.
After work, I best relax during active recreation in nature or on a bicycle.
Yours sincerely